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300Wh Powerpack 300 Unit Reliable Power Source at Challenging Temperatures

300Wh Powerpack 300 Unit Reliable Power Source at Challenging Temperatures

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made in china

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Product Details
Product Name:
Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery
Charging Time:
Number Of Cells:
Protection Class:
Bosch Connector
Bosch Standard Charger 4A
Storage Temperature:
-20°C To +40°C
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Product Description

Product Description:

Introducing the Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery – the perfect companion for your eBike. This high-performance battery pack has everything you need to make your daily ride an enjoyable experience. The Powerpack 300 features a Bosch Connector for easy and secure connection, and it weighs only 2.9kg, making it lightweight and easily transportable. It also has an IP54 protection class for added protection against dust and water, and a 4.5-hour charging time. Plus, it is equipped with a reliable Lithium-ion battery type for long-lasting use. With the Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery, you can enjoy a comfortable ride every time.

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery
Charger Bosch Standard Charger 4A
Protection Class IP54
Charging Time 4.5h
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Storage Temperature -20°C To +40°C
Connector Bosch Connector
LED Display 4-step Charge Indicator
Operating Temperature -20°C To +50°C
Compatibility Bosch Active Line, Performance Line, Performance Line CX


Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery is a reliable and powerful battery, perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and cycling. This lightweight battery features an impressive 300Wh capacity, perfect for powering electric bikes, drones, and other devices. The operating temperature range of -20°C to +50°C allows this battery to be used in a wide range of conditions. With a weight of only 2.9kg, this Bosch battery is easy to carry and store. The Bosch Standard Charger 4A ensures fast and safe charging. This Bosch 300 Battery is the perfect choice for those who want to power their electric bikes or other devices on the go.

The Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery is built for durability and reliability. Its brand name, Bosch, is synonymous with quality, and its model number, TL-EB-B36/48, ensures that you're getting the best product out there. This Bosch Powerpack Battery is made in China, and its operating temperature range of -20°C to +50°C make it perfect for use in any climate. And with a capacity of 300Wh, this battery is sure to keep your devices running for hours.

For those who need a reliable and powerful battery, the Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery is the perfect choice. With its impressive capacity and lightweight design, you can be sure that your devices will be powered properly no matter where you are. And with its brand name, model number, and place of origin all made clear, you can be sure that you're getting a quality product.


Brand Name Model Number Place of Origin Number of Cells Connector Voltage Charger LED Display
Bosch TL-EB-B36/48 made in china 13 Bosch Connector 36V Bosch Standard Charger 4A 4-step Charge Indicator

Introducing the Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery Pack: A Bosch Battery Pack designed for maximum power and portability. This Bosch Powerpack Unit features a Bosch Connector, 13 cells, 36V, Bosch Standard Charger 4A, and a 4-step Charge Indicator LED Display. The Bosch TL-EB-B36/48 is the ideal power source for any application.

Support and Services:

Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery Technical Support and Service

Bosch provides comprehensive technical support and service for the Powerpack 300 Battery. We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced technicians who are available to assist you with any technical issues you may have with the battery. They can provide troubleshooting advice, installation guidance, and information about product features and compatibility.

We also offer a full range of repair services for the Powerpack 300 Battery. Our trained technicians can identify and repair any hardware or software issues you may be experiencing. We can also provide preventive maintenance to keep your battery running at its best.

If you have any questions about the Powerpack 300 Battery or need technical support or repair service, please contact us at

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery is shipped in a secure, waterproof cardboard box. Inside the box, the battery is held securely with foam padding, and further protected with a plastic bag. The box also includes a user manual, charger, and warranty card.


Q: What is the brand name of Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery?
A: The brand name is Bosch.
Q: What is the model number of Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery?
A: The model number is TL-EB-B36/48.
Q: Where is Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery made?
A: It is made in China.
Q: What is the capacity of Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery?
A: Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery has a capacity of 300 watt-hours.
Q: What types of devices can I power with Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery?
A: You can power most USB devices, such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops, with Bosch Powerpack 300 Battery.

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